Hacking Contest by Google, Code Jam 2012

Get seated, ready, steady.. GO. There is another annual hacking cup coming. I already pointed to the Facebook Hacker Cup a few days ago. Now it is time to announce that also Google is doing it’s annual contest in 2012.

Google Code Jam 2012

The first round starts in March 2012, so maybe you already want to lock the door for practicing.

Last year over 30,000 coders competed, be the 30,001 hacker that gets the almighty title of Code Jam Champion, and a hefty $10,000 reward.

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Quantum Leviation

As you seem to be geeky enough to read this blog, I assume that you all remember the awesome “hover board” from the movie back to the future. It was so much fun to watch Micheal J Fox ride this skate board with no wheels like crazy. I was so impressed.

Today I am impressed again, as I found a video on youtube the shows a quantum leviation demo. They are using a silicon wafer coated with some special copper alloy. Cooling the wafer down to very low temperatures makes it a superconductor. This way they are able to let the waver float over a magnetic rail.

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